The first solar-powered electric passenger boat in the US

A boat called Solar Sal is the first solar-powered electric boat approved by the US Coast Guard to carry passengers.

Priced at $124,500, the boat is 24′ long and 7’6″ wide, with a draft of only 1’8″.  It can carry ten passengers and can cruise all day using sunlight alone.  It has batteries on board to power the boat after dark or when it’s cloudy.  The boat’s canopy holds solar panels with a total capacity of 1,400 watts, enough to cruise all day at around 5 knots.  

The boat operates quietly, making it suitable for cruising and fishing without disturbing wildlife and enjoying the scenery.  It’s also ideal for ferrying passengers to islands like the Bahamas, where workers, tourists, and townspeople would not have to worry about the gasoline price even if the boat operates all day long.

What do you think of this boat?

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