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LENTEIN Complete: whey-like protein made from duckweed

LEINTEIN is a protein powder made from duckweed. Photo: Parabel USA Inc.

LENTEIN Complete is the only vegan protein with an amino acid profile comparable to animal proteins, such as milk or eggs. However, unlike animal proteins, it is also highly digestible, non-GMO and hypoallergenic.

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What is LENTEIN Complete?

LENTEIN Complete is a protein ingredient free of allergens with an amino acid profile, higher in Essential Amino Acids and BCAA's than other plant proteins including soy or pea. The protein is highly digestible (PDCAAS .93), contains Omega3, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It's made from water lentils which are believed to be the most complete and sustainable food source.

Who is LENTEIN Complete for?

It's for all responsible manufacturers in the food industry looking to make healthier food products. They are always looking for ways to fortify their products or to make new products with different claims on the label such as "gluten-free", "soy-free", "high in protein", "rich in fiber", "vegan", "hypoallergenic", "organic", "natural", or "non-GMO".

What problem(s) does LENTEIN Complete solve?

It's very easy to incorporate into foods or supplements whilst making an impact on their nutritional label. It's a green protein ingredient with a mild and sweet taste, unlike other plant-based proteins derived from hemp, moringa or algae. This means you can incorporate quite a lot of LENTEIN into the consumer product and easily reach levels where it can make an impact on the nutritional value for the consumer.

What makes LENTEIN Complete responsible?

It's responsible because of the way it is grown. First, the yield per acre is extremely high. The crop doubles it's biomass in 24 - 36 hours. It is harvested every day and it only takes three weeks from initial seeding to full harvest. Second, 98% of the water used in growing and processing the product is recycled back into the system. The process itself only takes 20 minutes so the energy demands are minimal. Also, no chemicals are added and all nutrients used to grow the duckfeed are recycled together with the water for the "next batch." This also means there is no leaching of dangerous chemicals into the soil, which cannot be said for traditional agriculture.

What makes LENTEIN Complete better than competition?

It's really the quality of the protein that makes a difference. The other plant proteins aren't comparable to animal proteins in that they have low levels of one or a few amino acids. LENTEIN Complete is the only plan-based protein that's comparable to animal proteins such as milk or eggs. It is also digested by the body to a higher degree than other minimally processed plant proteins.

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