Tuvalu to create digital twin in the metaverse

The Pacific nation of Tuvalu plans to create a version of itself in the metaverse in response to the threat of rising sea levels.

This will replicate its beautiful islands, preserve its rich culture, and fully function as a sovereign state, as its people are forced to live elsewhere if terrestrial land is lost.  The idea may be feasible, but there are technological and social challenges.  These include bandwidth issues, computing power, and the fact that many users have an aversion to headsets or suffer nausea. 

Tuvalu’s proposal to create its digital twin in the metaverse is a message in a bottle – a desperate response to a tragic situation.  It is not really about creating metaverse nations.  It is a plea to support communal living systems, take shared responsibility, and be good neighbors.

What is your opinion on metaverse nations?  Let us know your thoughts.  

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