Floating solar-powered desalination plant

Abu Dhabi startup, Menhat, invented a floating desalination system that runs on sunlight with no emissions.

The device operates on solar energy to desalinate ocean water.  As the sun heats the floating structure, the water underneath it evaporates.  Evaporation is one way of desalinating seawater, as all the impurities that make it salty are left behind.  The angle of the collection cylinder prevents water droplets from evaporating back into the sea.  When temperatures cool, the water distills and flows into a reservoir as fresh water.

The ingenious system resembling a floating greenhouse has the potential to transform how food and clean water are generated in the Arab Peninsula and other coastal regions globally.  The process does not also produce brine, a condensate of salt and chemicals harmful to marine flora and fauna. 

Will this innovation be successfully implemented on a larger scale?  Please comment your thoughts below.  

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