The Volkswagen all-electric office chair

Volkswagen creates an all-electric office chair that gives you a vibe of sitting in a Volkswagen vehicle.

The electric office chair has headlights, a horn, heated seats, a USB charger, storage space, and a trailer hitch.  It features five rolling wheels finished with solid aluminum rims.  The chair can cruise at 12.4 mph with an estimated range of 7.5 miles (12km) on a single charge.  It also has a “work party” function to make office hours livelier.  That’s not all; the chair has an infotainment system that informs you of what’s happening with the chair.  It includes a rearview camera and 360-degree sensors for safer maneuvering.   

Unfortunately, the chair isn’t for sale.  It is only an exhibition model designed to show off the brilliant features of Volkswagen commercial vehicles, with limited test drive opportunities in Norway.

Do you want to try sitting on this cool chair?

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