Mini bladeless wind turbine

A company has shrunk the wind turbine from being as tall as the Statue of Liberty to a 10-foot bladeless box that provides more power than solar panels.

When wind strikes a flat building wall, it accelerates as it rushes up and over the obstacle.  Catching these wind gusts through a small opening, the wind turbine then funnels the force towards an internal propeller at the bottom of the unit.  Called Aeromine, the boxy turbines generate 50% more energy than a solar panel and 16-times more when the wind is right.

They are designed for small-scale, commercial use, as they’re noise-free and incapable of killing birds.  Because they sit on the edge of roofs, they pair well with solar panels.  If a building also has batteries to store the energy, it could be near to total self-sufficiency.

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