Responsible products

Responsible Products


Empower: responsible unisex citrus perfume for everyday use

This certified natural, healthy and environmentally-friendly scent is fresh and energizing, and ideal for both women and men alike.

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Men's Boxers: bamboo underwear with a feel-good guarantee

Made from a bamboo fabric, these men’s boxer undies are perfect for sensitive skin and come with a full feel-good guarantee.

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Road Bike Frame Kit: build your own bamboo bike

Build your own custom bike from one of the most sustainable materials out there. Includes: full kit, manual and instructional videos.

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Eco: solar water heater so efficient it works at night

One of the most efficient solar water heating systems on the market. Works in any weather conditions, even at night.

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Fairphone 2: the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone

This made-to-last smartphone is manufactured from fair materials and has all the features expected from a modern smartphone.

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LENTEIN Complete: whey-like protein made from duckweed

The only vegan protein with an amino acid profile comparable to animal proteins, such as milk or eggs.

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