4 Doable Grocery Shopping Tips to Achieve Zero Waste at Home

Is it possible to have a zero waste at home?

grocery shopping list

You might wonder how to make a zero waste home.  Robyn Purchia can show you how in her article.  You simply need to be smart and systematic with your grocery shopping.  Below is my understanding on how to apply the 4 steps she has outlined:

  1. Make a shopping List by keeping a pen and paper on the fridge.  It is important that you jot down your needs on the paper as soon as you can think of them.  At most, purchase weekly only those items on list.  Why? I think it is because of step #2.
  2. Bring Your Supplies and containers.  From the list, check out which items may need you to bring containers.
  3. Go and choose the grocery store which can identify with your cause: local, sustainable, organic, and waste-free.
  4. Choose Your Products Wisely.  Products in Styrofoam is a no-no. Buy products with containers than can be composted.  It’s also best when you have a home garden.

If you think that it is impossible to get a zero waste at home with the steps provided, read her explanations in the article.  They make a lot of sense.  I am sure though that the steps outlined above can substantially reduce your waste.

(Photo by BruceTurner.)